China has been satisfied with using single national language for many years. With the development of society, China is open to the world. Thus, English is becoming important to Chinese people. More and more parents hope their children can receive bilingual education, but they always ask:

What does my kid benefit from the bilingual education?

In the past thirty years, many studies have shown that children can improve language communication skills, cognitive ability, and culture & environment consciousness if they master at least one language at a young age. One of the studies tells bilingual education can not only improve children’s wisdom, emotion quality, listening and thinking, but also help them learn and use the languages.

In addition, some files indicate that a good master of two languages can train children’s cognitive ability, such as analysis & classification, conceptual formation, logical reasoning, spatial imagination, invention and creation. What’s more, those who are good bilingual learners are capable of telling a story with ease because of not being limited by vocabulary.

Instead of being simple knowledge transmission, education is to find a new way of releasing human beings’ potentiality.

Based on observation of kids, Montessori education respects every kid’s nature during grow-up. The education method has been accepted and utilized by many countries. Sensitive Period during children’s grow-up, which has been proven by Montessori observation policy, is exactly key time for kids to learn and accept new knowledge. The observation policy enables our teachers to give right advices to kids during their grow-up, meeting the requirement of kids’ self-development.

The nature of learning lies in what the kids have done, but not what has been done to the kids. Children’s curiosity and interest are the internal motivation of developing their personal skills, helping themselves keep learning and progressing during self-development fields. Every kid was born to learn. Good surroundings and correct teaching methods at kids' different ages will help themselves explore full potentialities.

All is for kids’ future

Selecting the first school for kids is one of the most important decisions to all parents. Understanding nothing can be more valuable than your kids, WIE devotes to working with parents with great honor for kids’ future. We will appreciate any suggestion from parents at any time, especially after parents joined the trial classes.

We will provide your kids with services below.

-Good learning experience, independent space, love and support from teachers, to let kids be excellent at different fields

-Comfortable environment for studying, to meet requirements of social interaction, cultures and languages for kids

-Active atmosphere without disturbance, to let each kid release their innate learning desires, to find and explore the world

-Various courses, to let kids think independently, respect people and environment around them, and activate their learning passion